Electronic Cash Register



ApexECR solution has been developed, as an alternative for direct RS232 integration, to minimize the effort required integrating any ECR system with any EFTPOS terminal; eliminate the constraints, reduce the cost and complexity for ECR-POS integration, offering a complete solution that reduces manual errors and fraud, while improving seamlessness across payment technology at the ECR.

With ApexECR, the payment details from your ECR are automatically shared with the EFTPOS terminal. This means there’s no need to double swipe or rekey the amount, reducing errors and dramatically speeding up the checkout process. The terminal then authorizes the payment as usual and communicates the result back to your ECR system.

All sensitive transactional data (PAN, Expiry Date…) is kept away from the ECR and backend gateway, reducing the scope for your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance, and keeping the cardholder sensitive data secured.